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This site will assist users of eM Client E-Mail to create or modify Themes Since 2003 neither Compucall Solutions or Maxadmin DevOps have maintained public sites to promote or advertise their business activities though both do have private sites for the exclusive use of client companies and subsidiary companies.


Below are the colors and associated codes that have been used in the
'Compucall Solutions Dark Theme'

This link is a Video introduetion to eM Client E-Mail

This link always downloads the latest Windows version of eM Client E-Mail

eM Client v8 FINAL for Windows is still available!

Here you can view the full release history of eM Client (Windows & MAC)

We have received numerous messages asking who we are and what we do

This is all based on our personal preferences, however, feel free to change whatever you like
This color chart may help you in locating & changing particular elements in the XML code
The order of the displayed colors does not relate to the order of use in the theme
Left to right the top row are base HEX/RGB codes those following are in alpha numeric order
You should remember that the actual COLOR & HUE displayed will vary dependant upon:
- The capability of your computer display and graphics card
- The appearance of this chart will vary by browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, Safari, etc)
- We have based this on Edge Chromium Version 109.0.1518.55 (Official build) (64-bit)
- The chart is on a WHITE background and that will not always be the case within eM Client
- To create our Theme we edited the XML file using UEStudio, any text editor can be used
- There is now a Theme Editor built into eM Client which wasn't available at the time
- PLEASE NOTE that any changes you make to eM Client are at your own risk
- We do not accept any responsibility if things go wrong, because.....
- They can easily do so if you are simply experimenting, that is why you should.....
- ALWAYS create a backup before you start!
- To create a Backup in eMC: Menu-> Backup
UPDATED: Tuesday 24 January 2023

Compucall.etheme Colors - "Automatic"Operation
Selected Colors: Change:   1. Select: "Bkgnd Color Change "
  2. Click on any color hex value in chart below
  3. Select: "Text Color Change "
  4. Click on any color hex value in chart below
  5. Click "VIEW" in Sample below
  6. Press "F5" to refresh display

sample: (Sample must be closed before viewing another.)
16 Million Colors - Manual Operation
Leave "Change: Bkgnd" selected (above) during manual overwrites.
COLOR CHECKER - 16Million Colors
Overwrite any valid hex value into Bkgnd: and/or Text: window.
Window Contents must be in typical format, e.g., #46AC15
Click anywhere on page Background to display Bkgnd color.
Click "VIEW" to view sample.

TYPE R G B Change the value in any of the 6 windows on left,
then click anywhere outside the changed window.
RGB: 0-255      HEX: 00-FF
The corresponding RGB (upper) or HEX (lower) value will change to equivalent, and page Backgroud will change to match.
Background color will change
Compucall     Send E-Mail
Click on any Hex value in the chart below to display that color full screen then F5 to clear

HEX: #000000

RGB: 0.0.0


RGB: 255.255.255

HEX: #FF0000

RGB: 255.0.0

HEX: #00FF00

RGB: 0.255.0

HEX: #0000FF

RGB: 0.0.255

HEX: #0076F7

RGB: 0.118.247


RGB: 26.26.255

HEX: #5C80AE

RGB: 92.128.174

HEX: #6666FF

RGB: 102.102.255

HEX: #6D6D6D

RGB: 109.109.109

HEX: #808080

RGB: 128.128.128


RGB: 132.172.221

HEX: #86C0FF

RGB: 134.192.255

HEX: #8F56BF

RGB: 143.86.191

HEX: #979797

RGB: 151.151.151

HEX: #A0A0A0

RGB: 160.160.160

HEX: #A57AC7

RGB: 165.122.199


RGB: 188.156.213


RGB: 210.170.239

HEX: #D3D3D3

RGB: 211.211.211


RGB: 220.191.240


RGB: 220.220.220

HEX: #E8D5F6

RGB: 232.213.246


RGB: 234.244.255


RGB: 235.235.235

  HEX: #FFFF00

RGB: 255.255.0



People often have a problem understanding the values that are associated with 'bytes' etc - enter a number in any of the boxes in this form and then click the button below the box to calculate all of the relative values.  I hope this helped you.

Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte


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